Friday, March 1, 2013

More Katsucon photos

Here are more photos of some of the amazing costumes I was able to take. These are more of the photos I was able to take Friday. It kept me very buay.

Matthew Williams and Scottie McCorsley

Scottie McCorsley

Matthew Williams

Chris Moore, Kelsey Hopkins and Andrew Robert

Starlight Honey

Idolmaster group

Ryan Griffin

Krystal Stoner

Kayla Castronovo

Erica Greenwold

Allison Rubenstein (Fairy Law Cosplay)

Brittany Dawn
Kelsey (bottom left), Kayla Keplinger (top left),
 Renee Clark and Melody Maid
Kamikaze Miko
Bur Loire
Bria and Lin
Bettie Bloodshed or
Lindsey the Pirate
Destiny Nickelsen
Kitty Whalen and Gen Martin
Jeanne Killjoy and Grisly Mage
Michelle Paul, Katlin Reid, and Rachael Sanderson
Sarah Louise (Kitseune Baby)
Alexandra Cain
Matthew Ramos and Nicole Marino
Destiny Nickelsen
Lauren Peacock (Dust Bunny Cosplay)
Lauren Greybiel


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