Monday, March 25, 2013

Favorite cosplay photos

I have taken many photos at the cons I have attended. Hundreds of photos and the sheer quantity means some have to be good. Some have to capture how great the models are.

Below are some of my favorites. Some of  you may be thinking "Wait a minute. Al, you actually like something? I thought you hated everything." Yes, I do like some things. It is just hard to get through my crunchy shell sometimes. The below photos fit into very specific categories as you will see below.

My favorite photo where a blue skinned woman is pointing a gun at me (Baltimore Comicon 2011).

Lucid Cosplay (aka Queen of Derps)

The best picture of an alien monarch who fell in love with a human telepath (Otakon 2011).
Lilandra (Alley)
My favorite photo of Bizarro Supergirl that includes a reversed "S" (New York Comicon 2011)

Nicole Marino

My favorite group shot of Rogues who are taking their gloves off and you know what that means
(Dragon*Con 2012).
Moe Hunt, Tara Hubler, Rachel Buchman, Jennifer Kateri, Belle Chere, and Jaime Averbeck.
My favorite She-Hulk who has the right physique for it (Katsucon 2013).

Echo Endless

This cosplayer wins the award for the greatest smile. even though it is not easy being green
(Dragon*Con 2013).
Margie V. Cox
I like how the wings came out on her costume and the masks on both (Nekocon 2012).
Ron Wilson and Stacis Hudson
This is my favorite celebrity photo from Dragon*Con. Amber Benson has quite a way with people. She also seemed to appreciate my observations about her book. My unique opinion made her laugh
(Dragon*Con 2012).
The next photo is one that I suggested and worked out very well.
Carlin Bright (kneeling) and Jennifer Pawley

I will be adding more of my favorite photos soon. There are many more to show.

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