Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blacklist villains you will not see

There is a show on NBC called The Blacklist which has a new villain appearing weekly with a number and a title (they discover the bad guys real name later). I watch this show. I enjoy this show. But not everyone can be villainous enough to be a number on the Blacklist (which the FBI hunts down every week).

Here are some villains that did not make the cut:

The Sad Sack.

The Hamster Whisperer.

The Balloon Animal Man.

The Human Yardstick.

The Partially Tattooed Man.

The Uneven Earlobes Woman.

The Can't Find My Keys Man.

The Glass Half Full Woman.

The Bad Sunburn.

The Chews With Mouth Open.

The Shusher.

The Living on a Pension Retiree.

The Awkward Pause.

The Kiss and Tell.

The Finger Licker.

The Cotton Candy Machine Repairperson.

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