Sunday, November 24, 2013

Television and politics

People complain a lot about how the government has failed them and that there are so many problems in our government. That may be true but lets put this in perspective. More people vote on American Idol than in national elections.

More people can name the 13 Doctors in order than can tell you who their state senators are.

Now, I watch a lot of television as well cause, well, TV is more interesting than what goes on in the federal government.

There are ways to improve this.

Every week the senator (or House of Reps) with the least number of votes (based on votes called in by the American public) has to vacate their office No more job security. Make them work for their office. We give the one with the least votes an opportunity to stay if they are willing to fight a lion or bear unarmed.

Have Joss Whedon or George R.R. Martin start scripting for them. That way you will become attached to a senator and then see them get killed off.

Turn it into a Thunderdome. All the senators and representatives go in, one comes out. That person becomes the next president since they are obviously the one who does what they have to.

Install a laugh track.

Every Thursday they are required to do a Benny Hill chase sequence.


Pie slapstick.

Clip shows.

Install a sound track. When an elected official is on their last day "I will Remember you" starts playing.

All problems are solved in 30 minutes.

All politicians must have catch phrases that make people laugh.

Guest appearances to bolster ratings. Who wouldn't want to see Snooki or JWow appear in the Senate?

Elect officials who will serve this country and not their political party or themselves (oops, sorry, wrong list).

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