Sunday, November 17, 2013


People have a lot of ideas that they feel the need to share and I really wish they wouldn't. Below are some of the things that I have heard.

Hate isn't a family value.
                       Really? Than where to all the kids learn it? I have worked in public schools and know that is not where the kids pick it up. Kids get their racist, phobic of other kinds of people behavior from their families. Just like they get their hair and eye color (unless, of course, mom was having an affair and you are not really their father).

Women are attracted to a sense of humor.
                      Forget everything else and just make her laugh. The thud you hear next will be her panties dropping to the floor. WRONG! They say that but as soon as you get in a relationship with her the next thing she will say is "Will you be serious?" This goes along the lines of "I love you just the way you are. Now change everything about  yourself."

Women and Children first.
                      What if she is that woman from "Wild Things" or the kid from the "Omen" movies? What if there is only one Twinkie left? Besides, doesn't equality mean I don't have to let you go first, that it is perfectly okay if I shove you to the side so I can get on the lifeboat first?

Love means never having to say you're sorry.
                       What relationship are you in? I have never seen a relationship where one person has never apologized to the other. I have never said I am sorry to my significant other but that may be due to the fact I have never had a significant other (and why start now?). Plus, if this were true, than guys in relationships on sitcoms would have nothing to talk about since a majority of their time is spent apologizing to their significant other or trying to prove they are correct (they aren't) and that the S.O. is wrong.

We have started to teach children (like in kids sporting events) everyone who plays is a winner.
                        Excuse me, but no. Just giving kids a trophy for coming out is sending the wrong message. It means there is no point in getting better. "I tried so I won." If you lose, you know to who you lost and you know you have to improve. If this continues kids today are going to expect a lot more from us. Going to a job interview means you get the job. Coming to class means you automatically pass. Playing the lottery means you are an automatic winner. What kind of lesson is this?  Life is about competition and winners and losers. Tell these kids the same thing school coaches have been saying for years--"Walk it off!"

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