Saturday, November 7, 2015

2016 election

In about a year from now, a new president is going to be elected and many people have started competing for this position.

Having seen the candidates running I can honestly say I am not optimistic. Not that I normally am but this bunch does not inspire anything hopeful in me.

Look at the Republican party. The front runners have no federal political experience and have not worked in the federal government. It says a lot about a political party when the people leading the pack to become president are not politicians (it says the party is in disarray and people prefer non-politicians).

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are the two leaders (currently). Neither have the experience to run this country. Yes, Trump is a business leader but the presidency is a whole different thing.

Trump exhibits unbecoming behavior when he publicly announces the phone number of an opposing candidate and continually insults other people. That would not serve him well especially when the president has to be a diplomat. It would be really problematic if he were to start calling the leaders of other countries names because negotiations did not go the way Trump wanted. Plus, insulting large chunks of your demographic audience is never a good idea.

Carson has made some statements that are proving to be untrue and others that he cannot prove but gets defensive when asked about them. Plus, his views on abortion and the right to choose are (in my opinion) wrong.

On the Democratic side, we have Clinton and Saunders.

Saunders have federal government experience but he is being called a Socialist and, from what I can tell, he does not seem to mind that.

Clinton has worked in the federal government. I think this gives the Democrats an advantage in this race. She has a rough road ahead because some of her actions (such as with the emails and servers) are being called into question and investigated by Congress. To be fair, it is a Republican controlled Congress who may have the motive to derail her campaign to increase the chances for a Republican to be elected next year.

In my conversations with people I said Biden would not be running for president. Nailed it. Mainly cause whoever takes over has a large mess to clean up (but to be truthful, it has been a large mess for some time).

I wonder how long after taking over, the president is going to start undoing some of the things Obama did, like Health Care Reform. If it is a Republican, expect this to be one of the priorities.

Also, since Congress is controlled by the Republicans (right now) a Democrat would have a hard time since Congress would oppose most of what a Democratic President would do. That is the country we live in now/ Rather than do what is good for this country (and I do not think anyone has really good ideas about what that is now or how to effectively do it) they do what is good for their party. That is a huge problem.

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