Monday, October 19, 2015

Burlesque photos

Recently I went to a Burlesque Camera Club meeting and was able to get several photos of the models (who are, in no particular order, Bunny Wigglesbottom, Sig Sawyer, Nikki Nuke'm, and Sin Tillating). The models were great, the people were friendly, and it was a good event.

My photos, amateur that I am, does not accurately capture how good these people are. Even still, here are some of the photos that I have taken. To see more, you can go to my Facebook photography page, The Butler did it Photography.

Bunny Wgglesbottom

Nikki and Sig
I like this one and the previous one
since it has that prom picture feel to it.

The models get cheeky in this picture.
Yes, I said it.
No, I don't regret it.

Nikki Nuke'm

Sig Sawyer

Sin Tillating

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