Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 photos part 2

Miss Arachnid 

Erika Rains

Victoria Lee

Jackie Fiallo

Jennifer Rose

Mende Ritch

Bob Mask and Lucid Cosplay

Amandine Lee 
Olivia's Atelier and Cospla

Jenn Baker

Jenna Sych

DJ Spider

Jessica Mendoza

Logan's Closet, Drew May, and Joey Mightmin

Miss Kiss

Lucid Cosplay
Tick Tick Boom

Dr, Bubbles

Tony R. Ray

Tick Tick Boom

Michelle Flamm

Maureen Ingraham

Katie Dee, Allison, and Shelby

Malicious Cosplay
Jase, Momma Ursa, and Carey

Lindsey Nevedale


DJ Spider

Kit Bryant

Bob Mask

Ericka Joy Sutton

Sami Miller

Manda Manning

Mallori Willis

Margie V. Cox

White Hot Room

Kearstin and Mary Kate Smith 

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