Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 in review

Just in case you are wondering, pictures are coming (like winter is coming only less dramatically).

Dragon Con is over this year and it was bigger (by this I mean people wise) than previous years. Thursday felt like Friday, Friday felt like Saturday, Sunday felt like Saturday, etc, etc. People have been saying Wednesday is the new Thursday (which is when people normally start showing up and getting badges). If this trend continues, Tuesday will become the new Thursday and later, Monday becomes the new Thursday (where will it ever stop? One day Dragon con will be year round).

Registration was faster this year (but I did it on Thursday which is the best time for it). I was in and out in little time much like 2012. But what about 2013? That has been censored (especially for the poor people who had to stand in a line that wrapped around the Sheraton).

It was great seeing people (again and for the first time). Even if they have no idea who I am. Especially if they have no idea who I am even after having met repeatedly at previous Dragons. Good thing I am emotionally strong so I won't cry over people not knowing who I am (sob. Oops, sorry).

I followed some of DJ Spider's guidelines to cons (which are good and people should look them up and read them. They make a lot of sense like bringing a trash bag to your hotel room to clean up). I also obeyed the "please and thank you" rule. I ask if I can take a picture of a cosplayer and say thank you afterwards.

Of course, another rule is that the second you set up a shot and start taking photos, five (or more) people with cameras come out of nowhere and start taking pictures too. Then they vanish (or melt away or turn invisible again. I am not sure exactly what happens but they are suddenly gone).

One comment I saw repeated by several people was that this year's crop of celebrity guests was worse than most years. I am sure the celebrities loved reading that. Just because you don't like something means it is bad. On the other hand, if I don't like it, it is obviously terrible.

This was the best Dragon Con I have been to. Yes, it was my third so there is not a lot of comparison but one thing made it stand out from the other two: I was able to meet and spend time with people I knew. It is amazing how this can change something. It was the same way at Heroes Con earlier this year. Being with friends at cons is much better than wandering around lost.

I got to see old friends and new ones. I went to photo shoots and took pictures of people attending like Caity Loitz and Kelly Sue DeConnick. I heard some good live music. I bought another Zatanna art print. I am very pleased how this con turned out and look forward to Dragon Con 2015.

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