Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Open letter to Jennifer Love Hewitt

Miss Hewitt,

     I am glad to see that you are starring in a new TV series. I watched the first episode that aired on Lifetime last night. It is fantastic you are back on television again. It gives me something to watch. Of course, being that this is television for women, there was a good deal of time spent showing off muscular men in various states of undress which is not something I wanted to see but nothing is perfect.

     I have watched everything you have done and while I am not going to say that I love you (words like that can really get a person in trouble especially if they have never actually met before) I do enjoying seeing you on the big or small screens.

     I empathize with your recent statement about not being able to find someone as you mentioned in a recent article in "TV Guide". I understand what that feels like. You need to find someone who can accept and appreciate your quirky nature. Perhaps you should stating looking outside of California and look someone who may live a little further away. I would suggest my own state but I do not want to be that forward.

     I say quirky with all due respect. You bought Matt Damon a bed. That is not something most people would do for someone they have not met. You are very open with your life such as discussing how you have bejeweled yourself. You stand up for yourself in the media when people dare to criticize your body (which they should not be doing as no one has a perfect body). You use Vanilla as a perfume. Instead of using it to make food, you dab it on your neck. This might explain why people are always exclaiming "Cookies!" around  you constantly. For all those reasons and many, many more, you have gained my attention and admiration.

     The new series comes from a TV movie you also starred in. I wonder how many changes you will make from the movie to the series. I hope to see the likable character that has become your trademark. You were likable even in the movie "Telling you" with that little trademark sound you made every time you spoke. I just hope that you will not end every episode of "Client List" in tears as you did in "Ghost Whisperer." I say this not to be critical but so that you will not be repeating parts of one series in another.

     I imagine you will never see this letter which may or may not be a good thing. I would like to meet you but that is not likely. I plan to continue watching your luminous presence on the screen. I say luminous as a trait you displayed in "The Audrey Hepburn Story."

A devoted fan,


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