Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My photos of Meagan Marie

As I have indicated in previous blogs I attended Katsucon this year. It was chock full of cosplayers wearing all kinds of different costumes. Meagan Marie was there in three unique (well, one of them was with Vampybitme as well as another couple). The first cosplay was as San from the movie "Princess Monokone" which is a movie about man vs. environment. It was done by Hiyao Miyazaki and is beautiful (as are most of his films are).

This batch was done with Vampybitme. The swords are very heavy (I was allowed to feel them) and the costumes were part of the Claymore set. The costumes are gorgeous and my pictures do not do justice to the amount of work put into these outfits. The ones with Vampybitme should be forthcoming.

More of her work can be seen at
She has quite a few photos to see and there are many links to follow so you can keep up everything she does.

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