Saturday, November 5, 2011

Virginia Comic Con

Last weekend I attended my last comic/anime convention of the year when I went to Virginia Comic Con. I did not even know this convention existed until Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo mentioned it at NYCC. It is the smallest one I have attended this year. It was in Richmond and situated in two small rooms as the Crowne Plaza West. The size was good and bad. There were fewer guests and vendors there as well as being fewer fans attending. The last part was an advantage as well since it meant there was less shoving, groping and touching in places where it usually costs money for that kind of physical contact.

James O'Barr and several other creators attended and it was easy to get to see them without being jostled. This convention allowed me to see people I have met this year again. Joe Carabeo and Carolyn Belefski were in attendance (see previous posts). This is the third time I have met them this year. They must be thinking I am following them at this point.I eagerly await seeing the nest issue of "Kid Roxy" to see how she makes the transition to world's greatest criminal. Also, I bought the flip book of Carolyn's webcomic "Curls" and it is hilarious. It has been a week and I am still laughing over some of the strips.

Tiffany Perry was there (see previous posts) both days and she wore a different costume each day. I am not that familiar with Sirkka but I do know Dumb Bunny. She was concerned that many would not recognize DB but I am betting more knew that costume than Sirkka. On Sunday I took several photos of Tiffany as DB and as I started to walk away a gentleman stopped me and asked if he could take a picture of Tiffany. Apparently I was her handler that day.

Tiffany also knows about my obsession with Zatanna and helped me meet Deanna Danger. She told Deanna that I wanted to meet Deanna as Zatanna which helped with Deanna allowing me to get some pictures.Deanna was part of Dr. Sketchy which had several Gotham characters coming for a showdown. The other characters included Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Cherrie Canary

Binky Daze

Sunday brought a lot more cosplayers as this was the day of the costume contest. I was able to see another Zatanna, this time portrayed by Kitten Grey (She actually came both days as Z).

Sunday also let me meet Suny Stoudemire again. I met her at Baltimore Comic Con this year and she has a whole fairy tale set of costumes. I have seen her as Alice and Little Red Riding Hood. This time she was Alice. It turns out we have similar tastes in movies. Ask her about the movie "Bitch Slap". Yes, that is a real movie. Suny (and all the other people I mention in these comic/anime posts) prove that you can meet some of the greatest people at these events.

There were many other costumes on parade this weekend.

David Klempa as the Scarecrow and Izzy Klempa as Catwoman.
Where else but a comic convention can you see "Sucker Punch" meets "Kill Bill". Ashleigh Davis as Baby Doll and Kristin Revelo as Gogo.

Miss Betrippin is above as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. One of my favorite moments is when a guy asks to take her picture and after doing so, asks her who she is supposed to be. That just seems liks a question you ask first or don't ask at all.

The Riddler jacket required some work and time as the question marks had to be stenciled on. Doug Fields was the Riddler and Michelle Snutt was Batgirl.

Babylon 5 was represented as this con. Tory Pendleton did the honors of coming as Delenn

Krystal Lovelace was one of the finalists in the costume contest.

Rachel Thomas as Poison Ivy with Krystal's Harley Quinn

The actual winner of the costume contest. They called him Werewolf by Night. I say he was the Big Bad Wolf, Either way, he walked away with the prize.

Krystal and Tiffany glamming it up after the contest. So many people wanted to take a picture of this that Krystal and Tiffany had to say "Last shot!"

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