Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fringe events

After "Farscape" came to an end I was devastated. Nothing could console me. Nothing could fill the void left when it went off the air. Sure, I could buy all the DVDs and toys (You get one guess whether I did or not) to keep the series going but it would not take the place of new episodes. Fortunately I was saved by "Fringe" which was a new sci-fi show about a FBI agent who is trying to solve scientific crimes. Olivia Dunham is the FBI agent and Walter is the mad scientist. Broyles is Olivia's boss and Astrid is another FBI agent who assists Walter. Rounding out the cast is Peter who is Walter's son from another reality.

I have followed "Fringe" from the beginning and should be watching it when it comes to a close. I enjoy the plots and all the fringe events on the show. The creation of Fauxlivia and Walternate was original and made for a fun storyline. Alternate realities are always fun to watch especially when the new characters differ wildly from the characters we have gotten to know.

This season is remarkably sad since Peter is now lost. He knows where he is but now no one knows who he is (due to the Watchers interfering with his life). It must be hard to be around the man you call father,  the woman you love and all your friends when they have no idea who you are. Peter seems to be dealing with it but it is obvious he is lonely. One has to give Joshua Jackson credit for not overplaying this tragedy.

Anna Torv gets credit as well as she gets to play a wide variety of Olivias. First we saw normal Olivia, then Fauxlivia, Olivia possessed by William Bell and now Peter-less Olivia. That is a lot of characters to play on this show.

Walter is not your typical mad scientist. He and his partner, William Bell, were ahead of their time with all the scientific creations and this is coming back to haunt him. People are using many of his theories to commit crimes and he feels responsible.

A recent episode involved time travel and the idea of a time bubble was mentioned. Cool since this is a key object in the series "Legion of Superheroes". This team has been using that object for some time to come from their time in the future to the present day where they could interact with Superman. The item has not been used much recently but I am glad to see "Fringe" keeping it alive. Yes, I know the show and the comic used both differently. It amuses me that both used time bubble.

"Fringe" needs to get a toy line going. I would be all over that. You could have the Broyles and Astrid figures but Broyles only has one facial expression so it would not be hard to figure out which one to use. There could be the Walter figure with cow accessory. Joshua Jackson could pose for the Pacey, I mean the Peter figure. Lastly could be the Olivia Dunham figure as well as the variant figure Fauxlivia. It would hurt my wallet but I would have to catch them all.

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