Friday, June 6, 2014

The red dot

I have been watching my cats chase the red dot for some time. While they never catch it completely, they do try hard. Running all over the apartment in an attempt to end it. Yes, I think they would kill the red dot if they could.

Watching them run all over the place as they attempt to catch it has made me want to do it. So I started chasing it (don't know where it comes from but it zips across the floor and walls) all over the apartment. Whenever I spot it, I get on my hands and knees and run around after it.

Unfortunately, I am not having any more success than my cats, who are clearly upset that I am doing this as well. I suppose they did not mind until I started to push them aside so I could get to it.

The trouble really began one morning after I pursued the dot all over and ended up by the front door when the landlady opened the door and walked in to show the apartment to some new potential tenants.

She looked down, the red dot scant inches from my hands, her eyes growing wide. It was a tense, silent, and uncomfortable moment as I avoided looking at her eyes.

She slowly backed away, closing the door behind her.

Now when I go to the leasing office, the door is always locked even though the staff is in there. They just shout at me to slide the rent check through the slot, not allowing me in the office.

 I cannot tell you the number of places I have been blocked from.

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